Grau en Disseny - 2016-2017

Lorem. Deseo consumista. Deseo Zombi

Laura Costa Santos

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Nombre: Lorem. Deseo consumista. Deseo Zombi

Autor: Laura Costa Santos

Programa: Grau en Disseny

Periodo: 2016-2017


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Project description

Crowded shopping malls, long queues at the doors of mobile device stores, the same jacket repeated over and over again, myriad selfies on social networks and zombie hordes. In principle we can not find any relationship between these terms, but throughout this project will be able to unravel the parallels and common causes that allow us to identify the consumers users of the new society with the hordes of zombies of our film culture. We will focus on the zombie as a social and cultural metaphor that will allow us to analyze the new customs of consumption, the gradual individualization of society and the need for self-realization through the purchase of symbolic goods. The objective of this project is to highlight the need that motivates the consumer society to acquire goods and products that allow it to fill the existential vacuum that they feel, precisely because it is part of this same society. Through an exhaustive analysis of the functioning of consumerism and its social repercussions and, always using the zombie as a metaphor, we will try to define the figure of the zombie consumer. This concept will be transferred to pledge, creating grotesque pieces of great volumetry, where alliteration and accumulation are fundamental bases for its realization. In short, pieces will be created that allow us to consider the absurdity of the capitalist system. This project is not presented as a solution or as an alternative, its main intention is to expose the risks to which society is exposed. It is a wake-up call to highlight all the dangers that our way of life entails, a wake-up call that makes us consider our consumption habits, in short, a wake-up call that allows us to avoid the “zombie contagion”.

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