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Job Placement / Career Centre

The Job Placement service responds to the professional needs of both companies and the BAU students and alumni. The primary aim of this service is to guide the BAU community through the process of entering the working world and to provide creative talent and highly qualified staff in response to the professional needs of companies.

Through the JOB TEASER platform, BAU offers professional promotion services and establishes direct contact between companies in the sector and BAU students and alumni (taking Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Postgraduates) in the field of design according to their different specialisations.






If you are a student or an alumnus who is searching for a job or an internship through our Career Centre, you must first register on the system and complete your professional profile before you can browse offers and get up to date with the job placement resources and career advancement events.

You can also access the Career Centre from your mobile (Job Teaser).

If you are a company with a specific vacancy or you are seeking a designer or internship student from our academic community, you must first register your company through our Career Centre. Then you will be able to post offers, consult the curriculum of registered candidates and manage your recruitment processes, among many other services.



In order to promote the employment of our graduate and Master's degree programme students, the school organises the BAU Talent Networking event upon completion of the course. This annual event consists of a day of talks, workshops and personal interviews that promote professional contact between companies and our recent graduates.

You can view the summary of the most recent event here:

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Job Placement Service / Career Centre

Student support opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.