Research Group


The ‘Design and Social Transformation’ Research Group arises from the ideology of the Bau Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona, and from the recognition of an interest and a concern shared by its faculty and research team. GREDITS was established in 2010 by a multidisciplinary group of teachers from the Degree in Design to create a collective research space in order to analyse how social changes affect the shape and concept of design, and how a contemporary designer can contribute actively and creatively to social transformation. Research projects in the areas of culture, society, communication and innovation are studying this interaction in conformity with pre-established lines of research.



Dr. Martínez Figuerola, Teresa



Dr. Martínez Morant, Mara

Dr. Rispoli, Ramon

Dr. Rowan Madirolas, Jaron

Dr. Callén Moreu, Blanca

Dr. Genís Vinyals, Mariona 

Dr. Gil Bell, Rebecca Mª

Marzo Pérez, Jorge Luis (PhD student)

Planelles Salvans, Jordi (PhD student)


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