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Possible Bodies, a research project by Jara Rocha and Femke Snelting

10/11/2017 | Activities

Possible Bodies is a collaborative research headed by Jara Rocha (teacher at BAU) and Femke Snelting concerned with genealogies of how bodies and technologies have been mutually constituted.

The project is made possible with support from Akademie Schloss Solitude, A.pass (Brussels), Constant (Brussels), BAU Design College of Barcelona, Hangar and the Flemish Government.

From November 22 to 25, BAU will host the 3rd Possible Bodies iteration with interlocutions by Sergi García, Jorge Luis Marzo, Simone C.Niquille, Paula Pin, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting, Kym Ward, Objetologías research line, the Project area at BAU, CFD team and many others.



It interrogates corpo-realities and their orientation through parametric interfaces and looks at anatomies that are computationally constrained by the requirements of mesh-modelling. It invites the generation of concepts and experimental renderings, wild combinations and digital and non-digital prototypes for different embodiments.

The modern regime of truth still tangibly affects daily lives and how they are lived. What worries Possible Bodies is the way that volumetric calculations of cartesian anxiety and their technological matrix are infused with anatomic science, combined with a parametric understanding of matter and inherited modes of perspective (still taking care of the renacentist illusion of depth). Together they seem to have travelled untouched into 3D technologies, carrying their colonial-capitalist, racist, misogenist, ageist and ableist values into their code-base, interface design, visual culture and teaching methods.

From 22-25 November, a transdisciplinary group of researchers (software performers, raw artists, somatic developers, sensitive activists and disobedient academics) gathers in Bau for conversations, workshops, this presentation and a reading session. For more details on the programme: clic here


Wednesday 22 November: Phenomenal 3D

19 h-21 h

[Bau: edifici B, Plató]

What norms are shaped through 3D technologies? Who invented those three 'dimensions' in the first place and why to stick with them as 'true'? Can tools produce realities and presences and if so: what possible bodies do they activate? Phenomenal 3D is an occasion to collectively wonder how to responsibly grasp the apparatus of 3D and how get closer to research tactics to widen and differentiate the politic, erotic, ethic, scientific and aesthetic possibilities of so-called bodies.

The participants in this conversation explore un-naming and re-naming the so-called body in order to decolonize and de-binarize it. They manipulate the components of a 3-dimensional presence and verbalize volumetric behaviour to change the rules of presence and agency.


Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting: 'Possible Bodies'

Kym Ward: 'Circluding, the fanzine'

Simone C.Niquille: 'Parametric Truth, HD Ready'

Paula Pin: 'Biocomplexity: Strategies and emergent frictions'

Debate in Spanglish

This activity is open to the public, and entry is free.


Thursday 23 November: Intimate Biometrics

“Is my hand really that long? This can’t be true.” During this workshop participants will manually carry out otherwise computerized processes of body measurement and analysis. Embodying the digitised processes allows new ways of understanding and quite literally experiencing the protocols embedded in biometric technology. The hands on experiment will be followed by a group discussion on the design decisions and implications. Special emphasis is laid on anthropometric [body measurement] technologies and their influence on modern 3D scanning devices.

Simone C.Niquille is a designer and researcher. Her practice investigates the representation of identity & the digitisation of biomass in the networked space of appearance.

This workshop is organised in the context of the 3rd rotation of Possible Bodies, titled Phenomenal 3D. From 22-25 November, a transdisciplinary group of researchers (software performers, raw artists, somatic developers, sensitive activists and disobedient academics) gathers in Bau for conversations, workshops and a collective reading session. For more details on the programme: clic here

Workshop will take place in English, is open-entry and entry is free, but for a max of 20 participants. Please write to to confirm your participation.


24 November

[BAU: edifici A, aula 1.7]

From 9:00 to 20:00 h

Workshop Possible Bodies (only for 1st year Bachelor Degree students)


25 November

[CFD: Centro de Fotografía y Medios Documentales. Carrer Fontrodona, 31 – Poble Sec]

From 11:00 to 13:00 h

Collective reading session 'Getting Real: Technoscientific Practices and the Materialization of Reality'

With Possible Bodies and Kym Ward (text by Karen Barad).

Reading in english, conversation in Spanglish. Free access. Limited tickets: 15.