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Bau acogerá las charlas y workshops inaugurales del ATypI (Asociación Typográfica Internacional)

01/08/2014 | Activities

September 17 and 18

Bau will host the opening lectures and workshops of the ATypI (Asociación Typográfica Internacional) during september 17 and 18.

Workshops 17/9

What Can I Do With RoboFont| Frederik Berlaen

Designing For Endangered Writing Systems | Jamie Marie Kutner

Interpolations with Superpolator3 | Erik van BloklandA

AlphaBot Workshop: constructing robots, translating language | tricia treacy, Ashley Pigford


Workshops 18/9

Adjusting Cyrillic for real use |Alexandra Korolkova

Introduction to orthotypography | Horacio F. Gorodischer

Roman Capitals Calligraphy Workshop | Oriol Miro Genovart

Country Delegates Meeting |Marina Martins Chaccur



9.30 Easier font making | Thomas Phinney

10.05 FontTools | Behdad Esfahbod

10.40 Glyphs 2.0 | Georg Seifert, Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

11.30 Your process, your workflow, not their t... | Joan Carles Perez Casasin

11.55 OpenType features for Script Typefaces | Jim Wasco

12.20 Interpolations with Superpolator3 | Erik van Blokland

12.55 TYPO TAPAS Font Gamification | Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

13.05 Lunch

14.30 Visualising the relation between sound p... | Tomas Ferrari

14.55 Fonts out of ink | Noe Blanco

15.20 Open Type Status 2014 | Jurgen Willrodt

16.20 Towards Holistic Indic Font Design Software | Yashodeep Gholap,Theodore Harrison

16.55 Parametric typefaces in a nutshell | Thomas Maier

17.30 Adobe/TypeKit | Caleb Belohlavek

19.30 TYPE BEER Opening party