Department of International Relations

Christian Giribets - Coordinator International Affairs

Jordi Álvarez - International Affairs - Coordinator of Erasmus & Exchange

Open to students: Monday to Friday from 9.30-14.00h and 15.30-19:00h


BAU, Design College offers the possibility to apply for a mobility grant for academic purposes within the framework of Erasmus (European Union) and exchange programs with universities throughout the world to the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Design.  

BAU, Design College offers to its students of the Bachelor Degree in Design, the Graduate Degree in Design and the Diploma in Design "BAU Evening" the possibility of applying for a student mobility grant for academic purposes within the framework of Erasmus (European Union) and exchange agreement programs with universities throughout the world.

The Erasmus program allows students to complete part of BAU studies at a university in the European Union with an Erasmus agreement and has two fundamental characteristics: financial assistance proportional to the duration in months of stay at the college (if they meet the requirements of the program) and the subsequent recognition BAU / UVIC of their studies at the destination university  (upon acceptance of the Learning Agreement by the Academic Office of BAU).

The exchange program with universities outside the Erasmus program or outside the European Region includes the subsequent recognition of BAU / UVic studies done at the host university (with Learning Agreement prior approval by the Academic Office of BAU) but does not offer financial assistance, with the exception of AGAUR scholarships and other institutions where students may apply in person.


The main objectives of the mobility and exchange programs are for participants to:

• Learn new techniques and skills

• Strengthen the use of other languages

• Increase the value of their educational record and professional CV in the labor market

• Gain maturity, tolerance, confidence and initiative

• Discover and share other ways of living in other cultures


BAU Design College, promotes the exchange and mobility of students and teachers with the aim of promoting the diversity of profiles and perspectives, which offers the knowledge of other cultures and learning methodologies of design from other countries, as well as to develop joint programmes of teaching, research and cooperation.

Our international recognition as a design institution generate mobility agreements (ERASMUS and others), for students and teachers, with renowned universities in Europe and the rest of the world, with similar educational programs.

Schools and universities with agreement:

List of schools and universities with ERASMUS agreement and with cooperation agreements

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